Time all you need is ...

Clocks are one of the inventions that has stood the test of time (pun intended!). Our modern world would be lost without a method of tracking our daily activities. We all carry a form of time wherever we go – mobile phone, ipad and the list goes on. At home we still rely on wall or table clocks. Interior designers increasingly use clocks as a design and decorative element. Clocks can give a room a special feel or make it truly unique. The clock has become a piece of art! This new focus allows for more flexibility of design. Clocks can now be stylish, creative, complex or even outrageous. The range of materials used is as broad as your imagination. The current trend is to make eco-friendly clocks using renewable materials e.g. timber, bamboo, paper etc. Reusing materials is gaining wider acceptance and is being encouraged.

Designers are developing innovative clock designs. Two great examples are GEMSTONE and ARTIME. Both clocks designs can be used as either a table or wall clock. The GEMSTONE design is by Bozu Italian Workshop. It is a unique design. When it is closed it takes the form of a brilliant-cut gem, or while the rays are opened it assumes the shape of a star or a sun. The GEMSTONE is made of soft touch plastic and is available in a range of colours. https://www.behance.net/gallery/GEMS TONE/10253433

The ARTIME clock collection is designed in collaboration with the Portuguese Digital Artist - Danny Ivan, It connects unique product design with amazing digital art. The clocks are light, versatile and made from sustainable materials

Clock design lends itself to many forms of manufacturing. Clocks can be made using almost any technique and skill level. Have you ever thought of using laser cutting, moulding, lathe work, 3D printing, Milling Machines, Metalcraft equipment, a sewing machine etc. to make clocks?

Gemstone Clock